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Here’s a blog in the manpower niche, the word “manpower” is terrifying. Well! I remember the first time when I was been questioned by the Managing Director of My present company Mahad Manpower, Mr. Munshi Khan (the man who unbelievably made Mahad Manpower, a strong Global brand) that what do I understand by the term “Manpower”?

Let me tell you that I am a Google lover but not a Google preacher so I had to come up with my own definition and what I replied was a power supplied by people working or available for work. I know right? (I couldn’t come up with something of my own).

Somehow I was selected and for a week I got flustered and my brain refused to understand anything because it was entirely different from what I had done in my previous jobs. I tried to grab and learn as much as I could, at the end of the initial month I knew a lot.

So Mahad Manpower is all about getting the right candidates to work for a firm as per the demands of their required profiles when they are able to go through the sorting of resume, various technical/non-technical interviews for hiring stage, and the fitness for a medical test.

So my company Mahad Manpower deals with MEP Recruitment Services, Marine Recruitment Services, Petrochemical Recruitment Services, Banking & Finance Recruitment Services, Glass Industry Recruitment Service, Hospital Recruitment Services, Facility Management Recruitment Services, Oil and Gas Recruitment Services and Hospitality Recruitment Services. Sorry to sum up with too much, it’s a time-evolving process. However, when the entire thing is executed it’s a blessing. What I understood in all this time was that the main responsible part is hiring, finding the right candidate and deploying it is the toughest thing to do. Honestly finding the right mate on these matrimonial sites is not that hard as hiring is. Remember back in management class why we had long lectures for hiring because it’s full of terror. So I salute agencies and their HR’s who contribute to this part because if one works without feeling frazzled, frantic, and feckless the execution becomes easier for a marketer which is me to close up the deal and finalize the outcomes within no time. Apart from discussing the toughest part of manpower, I would also like to write about the magical cum strategical part in the manpower is the one when the candidate is successfully been deployed as promised with the client.

Well! Thankfully for the knowledge I received was been bestowed by a strong lady Mrs. Muskan Khan the Managing partner of Mahad Manpower, a life saver I must tell you that I have a very Indelible bond with her because she taught me everything right from the beginning without making any critics for hiring an unknown for the manpower Industry.

So my journey with Mahad Manpower started.

I would start from scratch to enlighten you more about Mahad Manpower in my next write up.

Author: Arra Arshee

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