Who are domestic workers ?

Domestic Recruitment constitutes a large segment of the world’s working population in informal jobs and is one of the most vulnerable categories of workers. Private households employ them and are often used without specific terms of employment, which are not registered in any publication and are therefore not covered by labour laws. There are around 67 million domestic employees worldwide, and that does not include children domestic workers. This increase is steadily increasing in both developing and developed nations. While a large proportion of men are employed in the field, typically as drivers, gardeners, or butlers, it is very feminized, with 80 per cent of domestic recruitment workers being females.

They may be required to perform tasks like cleaning the home, cooking, washing, ironing clothes, caring for children and older or sick family members, gardening, securing the house, driving the family, or caring for pets in the home domestic recruitment.

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A domestic worker may work on

What is domestic recruitment? Can be employed on a full-time or part-time basis. They could be used by an individual household or by several employers. They could reside in the family or workplace of their employer (live-in employee) or at their own home (live-out). A Domestic Recruitment worker could be employed in a country where they are not considered citizens, hence being referred to as a migrant Domestic Recruitment worker.

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