How to MOI Qatar ID Check

MOI Qatar ID Check, or intelligent ID, is crucial for Qatari residents and foreign workers. It uses to identify them and require for all bank and government transactions. The Ministry of Interior has simplified verifying your QID online without visiting a government bureau. We’ll guide you through this safely and efficiently.


Metrash2 is a free application that provides Metrash2 application no-cost mobile application that allows citizens from Qatar to access numerous Ministry of Interior (MOI) services on their mobiles. With a single click, the app will enable users to access up-to-date information about all official documentation, like passports and visas. It also lets them examine traffic violations and other information on official documents online with a smartphone or a computer.

The app allows residents and citizens to avail of more than 150 services, from registering for a brand new Qatar ID to renewing a driving license. The service is accessible all hours of the day and seven days a week. It’s available for Android and iOS smartphones.

Users can download the app for free via the App Store and the Play Store. After they have downloaded the app, they must create an account. You can sign up for their QID and active mobile numbers.

They will then provide two activation codes. They will then be able to utilize these codes to activate their accounts through the app. After registering their accounts, they’ll access all the features available through the app.

Another fantastic characteristic of the application is that it allows users to create an electronic wallet that stores all of their Qatar ID cards, driver’s licenses, and vehicle registration numbers. The service is free and is available through the app. It is a great way to track your identity documents if you encounter security or police officers in traffic.

During security screening, it will display the documents proving the user’s identity on the screen and permit them to confirm their identity and present other documents besides the ones required by authorities. It also provides a convenient option to keep payment details, passwords, and crucial information.

Like other services provided by Metrash2, the ID verification process is simple and completed in only a few minutes. Call the Moi Qatar helpline with any concerns or questions regarding the process.

If you’re an expatriate living in Qatar and are a resident of Qatar, the Metrash2 application can assist you in obtaining a family visa. It’s simple and quick. You can see your crucial status app after you’ve received your approval.

MOI Qatar ID Check Website

The MOI Website is a website of the Ministry of Interior that makes it easy for Qatari residents to track how they are doing with pending documents, such as visas and residence permits. It also offers additional services such as extending tickets, following the approval of access, printing passports, and much more.

The website is accessible to any device, such as tablets, desktops, or mobiles. It’s a fully-synchronized system and within a few clicks.

There is information about your Qatar ID passport, driving license, passport, and the last day you entered Qatar. You can also find information regarding your family members and traffic violations. You can also pay online and place orders for items and food items.

To visit the website, you’ll need an internet-connected tablet or computer equipped with access to an Internet connection and a data plan. You may also access the site using a mobile device. However, you’ll have to download the application first.

After installing the application, you can go to its homepage to view its various services and app design to be as easy as possible. Within the menus, you will browse for different online services like applications for smart cards, Qatar ID renewal, and smart card activation. It is also possible to look up the list of centres for assistance.

The site is an excellent instrument for residents, newcomers, and tourists to Qatar. It allows users to track the status of pending documents and receive updates about them. You can follow the status of your visa application and your Qatar electronic visa. The site also details visa-free entry for citizens of more than 80 nations.

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) is responsible for ensuring peace and security for the citizens of Qatar. It also has the responsibility of coordinating police forces, taking care of matters related to nationality, and issuing travel documents to citizens and expatriates. It also oversees the immigration process in the country and manages prison facilities.

QID Card

Qatar ID is an official document of identity the Ministry of Interior provides to citizens and residents. It contains information about the person who holds it, including his photograph, name, and QID number. It also identifies his nationality.

The card is a mandatory necessity that requires for every Qatari resident. Having the card with you every day and renew each year is compulsory. It is mandatory to carry an ID at all times. Qatar ID also enables residents to avail government services like healthcare and access to government-run facilities.

You can access this MOI website to verify your Qatar ID status online. You’ll need to input your QID and passport numbers to do this. It will scan your ID to determine the validity date and expiration date. After you have entered the Qatar identification number, you’ll have to enter the code for the captcha. The results will appear at the top of the screen.

Another method to verify your QR code online is to visit MOI’s website. MOI website and then selecting “Other Inquiries.” From there, you’ll find a menu of options comprising “Official Documents” and “Inquiries on Company’s Id Particulars.” Choose the latter option.

After that, you must enter your passport number and country of residence. After you’ve entered this, it will display the Qatar ID card expiry date and relevant details. If you require an upgrade, you can request one using the “Replace Damaged/Lost ID” option in Metrash2. You’ll need be able to shell out QR200 to get an updated Qatar ID and an amount of QR20 if you want to use it via Q-Post delivery.

You may request a health insurance card to get medical treatment and care. The card is the exact size of a driver’s license and has the ID number, your picture, and the date of the issue. It’s mandatory when you apply for a job or government benefits. A QID card in Qatar is recommended to aid you in all your transactions easily.

MOI Qatar website MOI Qatar website is an online service portal that offers Qatari inhabitants a range of options, such as visa approval printing, visa approval tracking, and many more. Its primary goal is to make it more convenient for people to use the services safely and securely.


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